THE ROCKDOVE STORY or how staying at home became more comfy

Our Story
RockDove was created for five birdwatchers of the Los Angeles Audubon Society in 2002. They were our customers, when we weren’t yet a slipper company, but a beachside workshop in Santa Monica, California that resoled hiking boots. For fifteen years we protected the feet of avid adventurers as they trekked punishing terrains across southern California’s mountains and deserts. As their local shoe cobbler, when customers had footwear needs, they came to us. And over time they asked for something that was badly missing, not in their time conquering the outdoors but in their lives at home—quality indoor shoes to console their high-mileage, trail-weary feet. So for Christmas that year, we handmade five pairs of slippers for our long time Audubon customers using a low-cut boot last.

The Experiment
Shoe brands in southern California, where sunny beaches and flip flops rule, don’t pay much attention to slippers. So we had little to build on. However, we did know how to make comfortable, long lasting footwear. Using mattress memory foam, gel insoles, anti-shock cushioning from hiking boots, and more, we designed slippers with the goal of comforting extremely tired feet. Two months later when we sent out a newsletter about our little experiment, customers responded with 350 mail orders. We named our slippers after the most mundane bird we knew, the rock dove (pigeon) often seen strutting the boardwalks of Santa Monica Pier. They’re a memento of where we’re from and what we represent.

Inspired by Adventure, Made for the Everyday
To this day our legacy of creating footwear as if for the most exhausted, adventure-wearied feet lives on. But adventure isn’t always hanging on a rope off the side of a mountain. Everyone lives their own version of it, every single day. We make slippers so that anyone who’s on their feet all day—not just passionate outdoorsmen but teachers, chefs, nurses, cashiers, traffic cops, postal workers, and more—can count on switching into the world’s most comfortable slippers once they get home.

The Sweet Spot Comfort Level
Our quest to get comfort down to a science pushed us to become one of the earliest adopters of high-density memory foam in slippers. In 2004, we reached out to local sleep experts at the Long Beach Mattress Company to source their memory foam toppers, which we then molded into insoles. But mattress comfort didn’t exactly translate to slipper comfort. So we obsessively tweaked the density and firmness ratings of our foams to create that “sweet spot” level: one that offers incredible comfort, yet not so much cushioning that you’ll feel like walking in quicksand. Today, at the heart of each RockDove slipper is a multilayered foam construction—a 40-70D memory foam pressure-mapped to every part of the plantar aspect, a support foam that adds firmness, and an anti-shock EVA layer.

Cherishing Life’s Mundane Moments
Most of us are so engaged in the daily 9-to-5 that the quality of our downtime often gets overlooked. RockDove was created to improve your 5-to-9 so you can recharge and keep going the next day. Before you embark on that next adventure or restart the daily grind, take time to cherish the more mundane moments of your life, and the little things that make them whole. A good pair of slippers, perhaps. RockDove’s are made for your après adventure, the time when you’re done defying nature or saving the world.

Mundane Doesn’t Mean Boring Looking
Most people see slippers and think “they’re just slippers.” And comfort is the only thing that matters, right? We don’t think so. Based in the West Coast’s fashion capital, we’re constantly scouting the newest fabrics from LA’s Fashion District and star-inspired shoe trends from Hollywood just 25 miles down Santa Monica Boulevard. From designer silhouettes, vibrant colors, to bold prints that never before found their way onto slippers, RockDove is out to prove that mundane can be beautiful.

Machine Washable
Being outdoor-friendly slippers, RockDove’s are made machine washable. So whether it’s dirt, stains, or odors, simply throw them in the wash and they’ll come out looking as good as new.

New York City

I just read a blog entry that says New York City is not as intimidating as it is generally presumed to be, she being one of the great megacities of the world. Rather, as a reference to author Nora Ephron’s relationship to NYC, she is rather a collection of small villages which are distinct communities of their own. With their own culture and identity. How fascinating! I would like me and my family to go there one day.

Fart about

Peter, the joker one, humored, “Instead of saying Party Party, you say Farty Farty. In reference to that event which occurs every day of our lives: farting. How about a farting contest?”
Peter jokes about the most mundane topics that most people avoid like farting and gets away with it.


I don’t feel appreciated. And I don’t feel the urge to live on anymore. The people I love pass through as if I don’t exist. Am I garbage thrown into the ocean to be dumped on, until I am pushed to the bottom? The heap on top gets collected while I remain down below. What then is the reason for my existence?

I feel so down down down. I am not happy. I cannot fully pay the bills. Deficit every month. Can’t sustain this downward trend. I want to end my life.