Want Quality Time? Hire A Part Time Maid!

A part time maid service includes the days in the week when you want the maid to clean your home. You should also indicate the time of day when you want the maid to enter your house and the number of hours that should be allotted for cleaning.
You should also specify what kind of chores that you need the maid to do. Is it vacuuming, bringing out the garbage, wiping surfaces, washing the dishes, do the laundry, cook your food?

A clean environment is a great influence on your physiological and mental health. Ask yourself, is your home always sparkling clean? If your answer is no, then it’s time for you to consider the services of a part time maid service.
The reason that you can’t clean your home yourself is that you hardly have time after your long hours at work. When you’re at home, you’re already too exhausted to even just cook yourself an omelette or to toss your dirty clothes into the laundry.

If you can afford to put in some space in your monthly expenses to hire a part time maid, do so. Your health and your mental peace is too valuable to scrimp on this essential expense.
Imagine the free time that is extended for you because the maid will do all the household chores for you. It would mean at least 1 to 2 hours a day freed up for you to be able to do more quality activities during the day.
Instead of vacuuming the floor, you would devote those extra hours instead to completing the report you have been delaying since last week. And you can also join the gang for that fishing trip and the family for dinner because the maid did all the household chores for you.
You would be surprised at the affordability of the part time maid services available in your community. You will even be more amazed at their guarantee of honesty on the part of the maids. They will ensure that nothing gets misplaced or lost in the course of the work schedule of their maids at your home.

Have you ever had the dilemma of not enjoying your weekends because at the back of your mind, you have a backlog of chores to do. It could be a truckload of laundry to complete, or a massive pile of dust that needs to cleaned up in the attic.

You simply can’t ignore these chores because you won’t have any clothes to wear for the next week if the laundry is not done. And you forgot that there is a heap of dishes that’s waiting for you at the kitchen sink. Whew!

Your kids have been waiting for your answer all week on whether your family camping trip is pushing through for the weekend. During a weekday, you confirm the availability of a reliable part time maid for Saturday and Sunday and it’s all systems go for the camping trip! The kids and the spouse jump up and down in their happiness.

A part time maid service solves your problems with having a permanent maid who stays within your premises.
The maid needs living accommodations within your property. You also need to give the maid 3 nutritious meals a day and also other benefits.
With a part time maid, you only need to give one meal aside from the mandatory hourly rates. All other needs and benefits of the maid are sourced from the agency. In other words, you’re freed up from other costs and obligations associated with a live in maid.

Your time is well spent on the better things in life when you hire a part time maid. You will have added costs because of this service, but it is an expense well spent. Your added family, gang and me time will make you refreshed considerably.

Face Autism Confidently

If a loved one in your life, especially your child, has autism, you have nowhere to go but to shower that person with your unconditional love.
You have to understand that autism spectrum disorder or ASD can happen to anyone – children, teens and adults – and you have to deal with their condition for as long as you can.
It helps to be oriented with what causes their autism meltdowns every now and then and how to prepare for them. It also enhances your handling of the situation when you have intimate knowledge of the person’s personality.

It is an intense reaction to overwhelming scenarios by an individual. This means that person can’t take in what is happening (with all the sensory overload) at the moment and loses control of self.

There are specific triggers to meltdowns. They would include the following:
** Learning incapacity. The inability to comprehend a scenario, activity or issue could lead to frustration on the part of the autistic individual.
** ADHD. If that person lacks the ability to deal with boredom or to focus on something, it can lead to an outburst.
** Sensory issues. For example, if that individual can’t hear well or see well an audio or visual element which others can do without difficulty, they will question themselves and become hysterical.
** Anxiety. When faced with an uncomfortable situation which that person have to deal with, it could lead to a meltdown.
** Lack of skills. This could make the individual feel inferior and lead to an outburst.
** Challenging situations. If that person can’t tackle a situation which requires smarts, brawn or both, this leads to frustration and a meltdown.

They are reflected in a number of ways which the autistic person exhibits. Look for these signs below:
** Each autistic person is unique. It could be a verbal sign like crying or shouting. It can be a physical gesture like biting or kicking.
** The person could zone out, withdraw from reality, shut out, stare into space or make repetitive movements.
** The crying the person does could be uncontrollable or that person will even scream and growl and then curl up into a human ball.
** The meltdown could be preceded by stimming. These are repetitive self stimulatory behaviors such as spinning, shaking, rocking and hand flapping.
** These body movements which are repeated over and over involve all the five senses or it will involve the moving of objects.
** To make themselves calm, the person will pace around, ask questions repeatedly, rock back and forth, and/or hold their body very still.

Note them down. All these signs above are distress signals which are also called the Rumble State. They are windows of opportunities to prevent a meltdown. This is precious time to avoid the exhausting scenario of a meltdown, both for you and the autistic person. But if a meltdown do occur, be comforted in having the luxury of knowing the following alternative actions to prevent the meltdown from blowing up:

Meltdowns can occur anytime in the lifetime of an adult person. If you are taking care of this individual, you handle these episodes two ways – through long term mechanisms and through present moment tactics.
These are the long term mechanisms which we recommend:
** Calming Routines. Let the person be used to relaxing music. Walk with them throughout the neighborhood. Snug them in with a favorite stuffed toy. Make these consistent.
** Use of Calming Devices. Even when not in a panicky situation, make the individual get used to calming devices like a fidget toy or a portable massage device.
** Make your home safe. Be sure that safety measures are in place throughout your house. This is because meltdowns can occur anytime and autistic individuals are prone to accidents in the home because of their unpredictable movements.
** Diary or journal keeping. Keep a record of what happens during a meltdown. Or what you did before to prevent one. We tend to forget some important events which eventually help us in the present when we read them in the journal we keep.
** As much as possible, be physically present for that special person. If you can spend more quality time with this beloved individual, it will minimize the chances of a meltdown because that person will feel your unconditional concern and love and that is very reassuring.

This is the impromptu part. It unpredictably happens and you should take control of the situation.
** Stay calm all throughout. Do not add to the stress of the situation by being hysterical yourself. Control your emotions.
** This is not the time to be logical. Be patient. You can’t reason it out with the person having a meltdown at this very moment. No amount of logical arguments can get through the person. Wait it out.
** Empathy at this time will work. If the individual wants to talk, let it all flow out. Don’t interrupt. Let that person be the center of attention of your life at that very moment of the meltdown.
** Never give punishment. It will make that person more embarrassed and confused. Even that individual can’t control the meltdowns.
** The calming devices should always be around. It would help if the fidget toy or anything that symbolizes comfort to the autistic person is brought along all the time, especially in public. It will calm the nerves of that person.

Living With Sleep Apnea

Daily Musings
Thoughts of a 50 something man

I have Obstructive Sleep Apnea. It’s called OSA for short. I have have been diagnosed with it since 2005.
I was always sleepy. People would be having a conversation with me and then suddenly I was taking a nap in front of them.
I went for tests in a sleep laboratory. The doctor then said that I was the second worst case that he had seen ever since he started. He said that my sleep was interrupted several times during a sleeping period by my severe snoring.
I was worried for myself. My wife was worried for me too. I had to buy an expensive CPAP machine which I had to use every time I sleep.
If I don’t use it. I can feel that my mouth is so parched and dry. At present, my CPAP machine has a dehumidifier which makes my mouth just retain the right kind of moisture while I sleep.
It has been nearly 16 years since my OSA diagnosis and I am still here. Thank you my gracious God. And thank you to my wife for taking care of me.

The Electric Bike

Using motorbikes is an essential part of anti-poaching in Africa. Today these bikes run on gasoline and their noise warns poachers miles away: unsustainable and inefficient.

Join us, improving the anti-poaching, exchanging the fleets to solar powered, silent and electric bush bikes.

high performance electric motorbikes
light, quiet and clean. The kinematics, size and geometry together with precision construction and careful use of materials, make for an agile, light, torquey and exciting experience.

the Race series
pure off-road bikes, developed for maximum performance.
To be used on track or enduro trails. These bikes are stripped for maximum lightness and snappy handling, leaving nothing aside. None of them are certified for street use.

the Freeride series
explore with respect
These bikes are developed with back country exploring in mind. Silently gliding through the woods at high speed without disturbing or polluting. The aspect of sharing space with respect on mutual terms, whether it’d be fellow mushroom pickers or wildlife, is the overall take.

Some models are certified for street to be able to double for transportation and off-road exploring.

the Explore & Commute series
expand space and power life
These bikes are meant to serve their users as best friends. Days and needs are different. Tarmac or trail, it’s about transportation.

Going to work bringing a laptop, bringing groceries on the way back home, taking your kids or a friend for a passenger, getting the planks from the wood shop or bringing your leisure gear, whether a surfboard or a pair of skis to the point of action during the weekend.

The reasons and opportunities are endless

CAKE x Dometic
the electric food delivery box. This game-changing electric food delivery box technology helps revolutionize last-mile food delivery, keeping food hot or cold while traveling from the food service provider to the consumer.

why CAKE X Dometic
– Among the main frustrations today of many online delivery food consumers are receiving the food cold, messy and much later than expected.

– That’s not all, according to a recent study, 21 % of consumers said they have suspected a delivery person eating some of their food!

– Expected 22% increase of the food delivery market in 2020

– Expected mean annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8-10% in the coming 5 years

– More top restaurants are doing home delivery


Caffeine facilitates learning in tasks in which information is presented passively
Caffeine facilitates performance in tasks involving working memory to a limited extent
caffeine appears to rather improve memory performance under suboptimal alertness conditions.
Most studies, however, found improvements in reaction time.
At low doses, caffeine improves hedonic tone and reduces anxiety,
The larger improvement of performance in fatigued subjects confirms that caffeine is a mild stimulant.
Caffeine has also been reported to prevent cognitive decline in healthy subjects (Nehlig N.p.)
If my husband doesn’t drink some by 10 a.m., he can expect a man-sized headache by early afternoon. My best friend can’t speak in full sentences until they get theirs. I’m talking about coffee, of course! But the real addiction here is to the caffeine IN coffee, not coffee itself.

The truth is that there are lots of ways to get your caffeine fix. Some of the people chugging down those Big Gulps all afternoon may be in it for the caffeine. Another popular way to get caffeine is tea, hot or iced. A can of diet cola (or similar) will give you around 42 milligrams of caffeine, while a cup of hot tea usually has almost 50 milligrams.

I’m afraid eating chocolate can’t compete with the caffeine power of a cup of Joe. Even a 2-ounce chocolate bar has only 36 milligrams of caffeine — a drop in the bucket for hard-core espresso drinkers! Not that caffeine is the main reason people eat chocolate, but be warned that getting your caffeine fix in the form of chocolate is going to cost you in calories! Two ounces of chocolate will run you approximately 270 calories and 16 grams of fat.

Here’s a chart of some common caffeine sources and exactly how much of a wallop each packs:

1 cup of regular coffee 138 mg caffeine

Espresso 1/4 cup 125 mg (Magee N.p.)
The effect of caffeine in stimulating self-reported alertness and mood was not thought to persist for extended periods of time, with the effects peaking during the first 4 hours after ingestion. Research in office workers suggests that consuming caffeine with ornithine (an amino acid involved in protein metabolism, found in foods such as dairy products and meat, and which can be synthesized in the body) in the morning had a positive effect on self-reported mood (especially reducing “feelings of fatigue”, and increasing “willingness to work”, and “vigor”) in the late afternoon, suggesting that ornithine potentiated the physiological action of caffeine59.

Why Mutual Funds?

The purpose of investing in mutual funds is to earn higher returns than what traditional investment options offer. … Mutual funds are also more tax-efficient than traditional investments. Short-term as well as long-term gains from mutual funds are taxed in a way that it doesn’t eat into the returns.

Why would you invest in a mutual fund?
1. Built-in diversification. When you buy a mutual fund, your money is combined with the money from other investors, and allows you to buy part of a pool of investments. A mutual fund holds a variety of investments which can make it easier for investors to diversify than through ownership of individual stocks or bonds.

Which is better mutual fund or FD?
A Fixed Deposit offers pre-decided returns which do not change throughout the tenure of investments whereas Mutual Funds offer better returns on long-term investments as they are market-linked. Longer the tenure of investment, better the returns from Mutual Funds.

Mutual funds are one of the few buzzing investment options these days. Millennials are turning towards mutual funds as they get a much-needed flexibility of investing a small amount frequently. After knowing that you can invest in small amounts, the next question that arises is “how much of my salary should be invested in mutual funds?”

1. 50:30:20 Rule

Every earning individual should mandatorily implement the rule of 50:30:20 in their financial plan. This is very important, especially for breadwinners. Implementing this rule will ensure that their future is bright. The 50:30:20 rule says that 50% of your income must be spent on needs, 30% on wants, while the remaining 20% must be utilised to build an emergency corpus.

Needs are those without which you cannot sustain your daily life. These are groceries, house rent or EMI, utilities, and so on. You can never compromise on needs, and you have no choice but to spend on them. Wants are those that are not absolutely necessary, but you are making use of them in order to make your life better. A few examples of these are gym membership, vacation, movie tickets, subscriptions to online streaming sites, and so on. It is advisable for anyone to limit their spending on wants as much as possible.

The remaining 20% of your income must be saved to build an emergency corpus which is at least thrice your monthly salary. Once that is done, you can start investing. Therefore, your investments in mutual funds should be 20% of your monthly salary. If you are able to cut down on spending on wants, then you can utilise the same in increasing your mutual fund investment.

2. Importance of Investing in Mutual Funds

Millennials are investing in mutual funds as they offer much-needed flexibility. One can invest a small amount periodically. However, this is not the only factor that is making mutual funds so popular these days. Mutual funds are one of the few investment vehicles that have the potential to offer inflation-beating returns. Inflation is something that reduces the worth of your money or investment over time. A product costing Rs 100 today may cost Rs 175 after five years.

If your investment doesn’t produce inflation-beating returns, then inflation at the rate of 8% will eat half of it in a period of eight years.