There are so many great things coming our way. You may feel as if nothing will ever be great again but tomorrow may actually be the day on which our life together will make a positive turn. Make sure to stick around to experience it. You just need to hold on a little longer.

Promising real estate

Two Silay properties:
1) 2000 sq mtr house and lot. 200 meters from Bacolod-Silay highway. Very near Gaisano mall.
2) 13 hectares farm land. 4 kilometers from Bacolod-Silay airport. Connected via cemented road. With potential as a resort or quarry site.
Message me for inquiries.

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Natural Healing

I demand so little for myself.

I have this bad irritating cough which out of the blue, becomes so itchy, that i need to blow it out. Phlegm comes with it, but when I’m in bed, i am too lazy to spit the venom out.

I said i demand too little for myself because i don’t drink my medicine for the cough. Rather, i just drink normal temperature water to wet my threat, and voila, i feel better. The throat was just dry, and it just needed water. No need to buy medicine.

Or, i could gargle with vinegar, or hot water mixed with iodized salt. Really, i feel better with these natural healers. Those pharmaceutical stuff are nasty.

Living with arthritis

Joint pain can be a very uncomfortable thing to live with. My left knee has been hurting, on and off, since over a year ago, and it wakes me up while I’m still dozing. Then I can’t fall back to sleep.

Right now, because of the pain, I have to wake up. I am having coffee and plain flakes (sky flakes). I don’t even know if coffee is good for me, but what the heck, it gives me comfort.

I have been taking glucousamine because my arthritis doctor prescribed it for me. But I didn’t buy the branded glucousamine he listed but rather, I purchased a cheaper one branded Kirkland.

But when someone mentions Kirkland, it’s supposed to be stateside, meaning, imported from the States, but it doesn’t cost that much. But I can really say it works because the pain is much less in my knee.