Let me say this with all certainty. Based on the taste buds of my spouse and mine, and to a large extent, also the palates of my son and daughter, there are three restaurants which have consistently satisfied us.

First on the list is L’Kaisei. It is a fine dining Japanese restaurant which has been a family favorite for nearly two decades. A visit is never complete without California Maki and Tuna Sashimi and hot tea. Other favorites are Beef Misono, Yasai Itame (mixed vegetables), Chicken Teppan, Shrimp Tempura, Sukiyaki (noodle soup), garlic rice. When my son with the huge appetite wants to eat more, he orders Chasoba (cold green noodles with seaweeds and raw quail eggs).

L’Kaisei has never disappointed us. The waiters that have had long employment with the restaurant have seen our son grow from a frisky little tot to the friendly teenager that he is today.

Second on our list is Italia. Pretty obvious, an Italian restaurant, its baked oysters and its steaks have been consistently superb all throughout these years. Its Pasta Bolognese hits well with our daughter. And the pizza, when rubbed with olive oil, makes you want to order more wine or beer.

Third on the list is 21 Restaurant. It is a quiet restaurant with a crisp, classic ambience. Home- style cooking is what it does best. Its squash soup is simply the best with just the right thickness to the soup. Its baby backribs have a tenderness and an irresistibility to it. When I order the fish kinilaw (raw fish salad), it just opens up my appetite more and more.

Fourth, but not the least, is Bacolod Chicken House. There has been more myth and legend written into its cousin, the Manokan Country, but the subtle barbecue taste of its grilled chicken simply wins over my family to it. It has several branches throughout Bacolod. We usually order grilled chicken breast and liver, spareribs, and garlic rice. We usually top it with the sinful chicken oil up until we get a good scolding. The meal is not complete without the heavenly leche flan (milk cake).

There are countless other restaurants that we like. But they are inconsistent. Sometimes, when we long for a certain dish, and we think of a restaurant that serves it best, we step out disappointed. The taste we desired and the heaping portions we expected, did not materialize.

But Bacolod is restaurant heaven. It will not help much if we mention the disappointing restaurants. But you know that you are not that good if you are not worth mentioning, by name, in this blog, in a positive manner.


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