Bet on Lottery

Guys, I have a proposal for you which may change your life. It’s about betting in our lotto here in the Philippines. It’s your lotto ticket here which might give you your millions!

Let me facilitate the betting for you. Here’s how our lotto tickets look like:

And here are our daily draws:

The different types of Lottery draws done daily. It’s a government agency, so it’s authentic.

As you can see, the biggest jackpot here is ₱51.6 million which is approximately more than $1 million. But just this May 2021, one of our lotto draws had a jackpot of more than ₱170 million or $3.5 million or €2.9 million equivalent. Would you like to win that?

Let me facilitate the betting for you. Only thing is, I just require a $60 dollar minimum so it will worth my efforts to go to the lotto outlet. $50 for your bets and $10 for my efforts. If you want want to bet $120, $100 goes to your lotto tickets and $20 for my expenses and efforts.

When I bet, I’ll bet lucky pick or quick pick wherein the computer terminal chooses your number combinations for you.

Now, let’s agree on this guys! If you win, whatever amount, I’ll get 20 percent commission as my motivation for doing this. And I’ll send your winnings through money transfer, Western Union, Zoom or through whatever remittance mode you prefer.

If you’re interested, email me at

Good luck to everyone!!!

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