Living With Sleep Apnea

Daily Musings
Thoughts of a 50 something man

I have Obstructive Sleep Apnea. It’s called OSA for short. I have have been diagnosed with it since 2005.
I was always sleepy. People would be having a conversation with me and then suddenly I was taking a nap in front of them.
I went for tests in a sleep laboratory. The doctor then said that I was the second worst case that he had seen ever since he started. He said that my sleep was interrupted several times during a sleeping period by my severe snoring.
I was worried for myself. My wife was worried for me too. I had to buy an expensive CPAP machine which I had to use every time I sleep.
If I don’t use it. I can feel that my mouth is so parched and dry. At present, my CPAP machine has a dehumidifier which makes my mouth just retain the right kind of moisture while I sleep.
It has been nearly 16 years since my OSA diagnosis and I am still here. Thank you my gracious God. And thank you to my wife for taking care of me.

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