A letter to my company

This letter is addressed to our Chairman.

Good day. I am a gaming supervisor based in a branch of an up and coming city progressing quickly. 

I was diagnosed with Acute Sleep Apnea 11 years ago. Because of this, I was required to purchase a costly CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine which I have been using since then.

Unfortunately, a few months ago, the said device broke down because of wear and tear. Since we cannot afford to buy another one, my wife resorts to waking me up every time my snoring becomes troubled or if I seem to lose breath.

I am due for rotation assignment 

My prayer for today

Thank you Lord for my family. They give me happiness.

When I call their phones, please let them respond, because I worry too much it gives me a headache.

Thank you for my work. I am able to sustain the needs of my wife and children. It doesn’t matter to me that I sacrifice for their sake, because their welfare and happiness is my joy.

I thank you Lord for this life. This beautiful life. Allow me to enjoy its upsides, bear patiently the downsides, and be calm and focused when challenges come my way. And I hopefully make wise and practical decisions with your Divine Guidance.

Dear Lord I worship and glorify You. Amen.

Murakami the author

Kafuku had reached the conclusion that most female drivers fell into one of two categories: either they were a little too aggressive or a little too timid. Luckily—and we should all be grateful for this—the latter were far more common. Generally speaking, women were more cautious than men behind the wheel. Of course, that caution was nothing to complain about. Yet their driving style tended to irritate others on the road.

There are so many great things coming our way. You may feel as if nothing will ever be great again but tomorrow may actually be the day on which our life together will make a positive turn. Make sure to stick around to experience it. You just need to hold on a little longer.