My Prayer Today

Disrespect mounting. Stress accelerating. Expenses flowing and seemingly frustrating. Disappointment showing that is unexpected. Aching and creaky bodies. Tired minds.

That’s how it is Dear Lord, day in, day out.

I lay all this out to you my Dear God.

We will not be banished. We will be blessed. And there will not be only days of joy but a lifetime of stress free living. Where every day is being looked forward to. Where no disrespect will be accorded to us. Where everybody is kind to each other. Where the weather is never too hot or too cold. Where it’s a joy to work and play for Your Glory.


My Prayer Today

Today, Lord, there is this intermittent beating again of my heart when the big bills come in, and I am hopeless against hope when it comes to my family’s financial fortunes. My company has betrayed me again, decades of not increasing the salaries of the employees. We do not have a hedge against inflation.

Dear Lord we worship you and love you. We do not deny that at times we doubt that you are at our side. But I always have this peaceful feeling whenever I praise your Holy Name. And I just want to cry out in gratitude for the privilege of having you as my father. 

Dear Lord, I believe in your intercession for a financial breakthrough for our family. We also thank you for a relatively sickness-free long period for all the members of our family. Give us all the alertness to guard our moral fiber always and to be always in gratititude for what we have and also the grace for effective solutions to our problems . We love you Lord. Amen.


I braked suddenly. The jeepney, full of passengers, unexpectedly swerved to its right, into the path of the Honda City. Not to mention, smoke belches out of its rusty muffler like there is no tomorrow. I can’t see anything for 30 seconds until the black smoke fizzles out. I can’t do anything for that length of time. When everything clears out, the jeepney was already pulling away by several meters. I don’t know where to quench my anger. I know, my fury, if I allow it to detonate full blast, will not amount to anything good. I smirk at the diagnosis: ROAD RAGE.

Getting to my senses, I let the City accelerate a bit, always familiar with the rage within me. So, I slow down at a reasonable pace until I reach home sweet home in about 5 minutes time. Once I reached the comforts of my room, the familiar scents of the pillows and the blankets and the linen. I pull up my legs, sans slippers. In the dark, I can hear the mild snore of my dear wife and the eloquent chant of my daughter’s night chants. My precious girls. And George, the quiet shi tzu, at the corner of the room. In the room right beside, is the cheery hulk of a guy I call my son. With him there is the pesky princess shi tzu, Pedro, who we all love, inspite of his peskiness. This petite canine does not have a recognizable face because it is all black, against a background of white.My wife and I are in the years of our life wherein we need, or we think we need vitamin supplements to complement the food that we eat during regular meals. And I realized, I haven’t taken my dose for the day. And likewise, I have not yet taken also my daily dose of hypertension medicine. Relatively mild, 50 mg of losartan potassium. What, well, I do get potassium from bananas, which I eat a lot. But well, I can’t question my doctor. She’s good.

“Honeypie, Bukopie,” I murmured to my wife who suddenly stirred from her afternoon nap. “Have you taken your medicine?”

“Not yet. Dad.I am waiting for you to give them to me,” in a teasing way.

“Why of course Darling,” I tease back.

My prayer today

Dear Lord, I  am so overwhelmed by our financial obligations that many times I just want to cry out and kneel and give up. No matter how much money is pouring in, it seems not to be enough to fulfill all our debts and bills. And the expenses just seems to go on forever.

Dear Lord, God Almghty, please let us find out a way out of this mess. Please temper our expenses and let us discover new ways of earning money. And please don’t make us panic when the money is slow in coming in. 

We know Lord you will not let us down. We love you dear Lord.

Thomas Friedman

“That’s right—when I was running around in 2004 declaring that the world was flat, Facebook didn’t even exist yet, Twitter was still a sound, the cloud was still in the sky, 4G was a parking space, “applications” were what you sent to college, LinkedIn was barely known and most people thought it was a prison, Big Data was a good name for a rap star, and Skype, for most people, was a typographical error. All of those technologies blossomed after I wrote The World Is Flat—most of them around 2007.”
Excerpt From: Thomas L. Friedman. “Thank You for Being Late.” Farrar, Straus and Giroux.