Now, there is this movie I am watching, McFarland,USA. It’s about a group of boys descended from Mexican immigrants in a depressed area of the USA. All they know aside from school is apple picking as a livelihood which they do before school hours and during weekends.
Now here comes this football coach ((Kevin Costner) named Jim White who see no future in the boys for football. But he observed that most of them run to and fro from school. Even though he does not have a background as a running coach, he was able to convince the school principal to convert the boys into running athletes, specifically cross country running, because he observed there were a lot of competitions they could compete in.
He was able to convince 7 Mexican boys to run for him. But not without some problems and contradictions from the boys’ families and their own respective personal beliefs which include inferiority issues and their belief that their livelihood will come from the fields all their lives.
They started with local competitions and moved up to bigger and more important competitions. In the end, the scho in McFarland they represented became State Champions 9 times in 14 years, all under the tutelage of White.
I have not finished the movie yet but I feel I have to write this moment.
It is all about getting out of your comfort zone and dreaming a dream which you think is beyond your dreams.
It is about having a better life in a foreign and hostile shore and then going beyond. Perseverance which in the end will let you live a live which you think you can only see in the movies and tv. It means you have work hard and smart to be rewarded an amazing life.
The movie is also about the importance of family and community in inspiring a person to do his best to be the best person he can be. There is a part there wherein the community organized a car wash campaign to raise funds for the boys’ uniforms and running shoes and finances for their various trips for competitions.
It is also about friendship. The coach became not only a sports mentor for the boys. He became a close friend and confidante and even a substitute parent.
There was an offer for White to coach at a bigger school with a lucrative salary to boot. He declined because he appreciates the boys and the community so much. As a matter of fact, he still lives in McFarland today.


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