ReActiv8 Implantable Muscle Stimulator for Treating Chronic Lower Back Pain EU Cleared

Many people have chronic back pain problems including my spouse. This would greatly help.


ReActiv8Mainstay Medical, a company based in Ireland, received European approval and is launching in Germany its ReActiv8 neurostimulator. The device is designed to address chronic lower back pain, but it works rather differently than common spinal stimulators that mask electric pain signals moving up the nerves.

Instead the ReActiv8 stimulates the multifidus muscle that runs along the spine and is key in stabilizing the joints within. The control of this muscle is often damaged due to injury to the back and spinal joints end up flexing too much, causing pain.

As the name implies, the ReActiv8 stimulator reactivates this muscle during patient controlled therapy sessions. These can be done at home with the ability to set how much stimulation is received.


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