I have always been inspired by the story of Colonel Sanders. He is the senior guy who started Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC chain of restaurants.

Maybe he really wasn’t thinking that KFC would become a global phenomenon. He just simply loved cooking fried chicken using his own secret herbs and spices.

But then a lot of people love his cooking. And the rest is history.

Same case with being a writer. If writing has really been in your blood, and you never quite got around to accomplishing your dreams, today is the best time to start.

You don’t need to quit your present work or business. The good thing about free lance writing is that you write according to your whims and moods. Unless of course you are already an accomplished writer and your literary agent has set a deadline for you to finish your next book!!!

If you are in your 40s or 50s or even beyond, no one can tell you that you are too old to write. Your ideas and your inspirations will always be there in your heart and soul. And your zest for life will always create in you a desire to put into words your joy or your passion or your reasons that will make you smile from cheek to cheek with happiness.

If you got an idea or a storyline coming up roses in your mind, write it down on paper right away or your senior moments or your memory lapses will conquer you. Plain ignoring your spot inspirational story or idea will make you regret that you didn’t jot it down right away. No matter how much you tweak your mind or try to recall key moments which will make you recall the BIG IDEA usually will not succeed as your mind usually fails you in the recalling processes. Aging does put a dent on your ability to remember.



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