Best Friends Forever

What happens when my nine-year-old daughter finds a BFF (Best Friend Forever) but loses her (due to family migration) a few months later? Heartbreak. Sadness. Tears.

“For Pete’s sake!” “That is really ridiculous!” Those are the usual expressions coming from Gerts, the newly found but soon to be lost friend of my daughter. Her articulate, expressive, and bubbly self highly complements the shy, introverted, but supportive demeanor of my girl.

They found each other during painting lessons at one of the finer malls in a city next to our city. The lessons were being conducted by the BFF of Gerts’ Mom. We also know personally the painting teacher beforehand because we all went to the same church before. Interior design is her mainstream career but painting is her passion.

Gerts is one year younger than our daughter, but they perfectly understand each other. The painting session is not enough without a relaxed stroll throughout the mall afterwards or a quick kiddie drink at Starbucks or a big bag of tasty fries from Potato Corner or an hour of games at the amusement arcade. In other words, they long for each other’s company, and they want to extend the day to 36 hours, if it is possible to do so.

The problem is, by next month or the month thereafter, Gerts will be migrating with her family to UK. A sign of this coming is that she will not be enrolling for local elementary school which starts in June because it will be useless because she will be departing anyway.

My wife and I console our daughter by saying there is always Skype or Facebook or other social media bridges that will connect her to Gerts. No problem, we said that she has no Facebook account (we won’t allow her-she’s not ready). She can use her Mom’s account in connecting with Gerts.

But we do know, when they are fully grown adults someday, they will seek each other out physically, face to face. No social media material could outweigh the satisfaction that they can get from face to face and hand in hand bonding and immediate feedback and laughter.

Do you also have your own BFF?


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