I am a voracious eater. I hate to leave anything on my plate when I am through with my meal.

I am a meat, fish, fruit and vegetable lover. In other words, I am carnivorous, herbivorous, and omnivorous at the same time. I can eat anything.

And I love sweets. A meal is not complete without dessert.

Mind you, my blood sugar level is normal. Physically, when you look at me, I am overweight. But I am relatively healthy for my age.

I don’t smoke. I don’t drink liquor. Maybe that’s why inspite of being overweight, I have no health complications.

The problem is, in the previous week, I had my dental check up. And I had some cavities filled up. But during lunch today, I suddenly had a toothache on my lower left inner tooth. It seems that a newly treated tooth had its fillings cranked away. And I am feeling the pain. Two paracetamol tablets and a quick afternoon nap helped eased the pain. But it also made me realized something.

I had always been a fast eater. Other people who share my dining table always stare in wonder how I am able to finish my meal in under a minute while they have only consumed one fourth of their food at their point. That’s how crazed my digestive system is.

Today, I have appreciated the virtues of slow nibbling of small parcels of food. Taking my time. And I have to eat on the side of my mouth without the toothache. I do appreciate my food more.

Maybe this is my chance to lose weight.


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