Daughter, dog, school, dentist

Today is my day off. I will send off my daughter to remedial class in Language at her new school. Her supposed to be weakness in her old school was Math, but the irony is that she instead have to take up Language instead for the summer, based on her school entrance test.

Then off to the dentist. This is my fourth session with him. The third would had been my last but the mold he made for my fillings did not fit. But that appointment was made use for te teeth cleaning of my son.

The company I work for takes care of my medical, dental and optical needs. As for my dependents, my company only covers their medical needs.

I am thankful that yesterday, somebody took care of the annual registration of our family car. If I did it myself, it would have taken me a half or full day.

Right now, my pretty daughter is doing her delaying tactics before taking a bath before going to school. She is playing with our pet dog and doing something else. But if she will be late for school, she also complains.

Our dog is really amusing. We can’t make him eat the same food two days in a row. Choosy. For my quick breakfast with my brewed coffee, I was eating pan de sal (a local bread) with butter. The dog was at my feet. When I threw him tidbits of the bread, he was ignoring them. But when I spread butter on these tidbits, he swallowed them up.


My daughter and I are a bit early before I send her off to school.

Just finished with the dentist. He had a hard time fitting in my white metal fillings, but he was able to finalize it. But he’s a good guy and he’s my friend.

Whew!!! The weather is so hot. This is the hottest summer ever. Every chance I get to drink water and liquids, I should do it. Every time I could go into a shaded area, I should do it.


Then late afternoon, I fulfilled a promise to my daughter to have a swim date together. We did it at a nearly swimming pool in a neighboring village. In the pool, my girl was a bit self conscious. But after I did some monkeying and joking around, she warmed up and reacted appreciatively to my jokes.

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But I am still thankful. I have a wonderful family. My wife, my son, my daughter, our dog.


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