Stretching, Self Massage, and Mild Character

I have some realization for some time now.

I am reaching middle age and I am not in the best of shape. It’s hard for me to go to the gym thrice, or even twice a week. The gym instructor will impose on me a regimen which will overwhelm me. I paid for three times a week. But I can hardly do even one session every week.

I could play tennis or badminton. But I have to have at least a group of four to make play viable. Why four? Because I can only play the less strenuous doubles. Singles play is too much for me.

Every now and then, I don’t feel well. I do have some mild hypertension tablet that I take every day. But there are really days when climbing up two flights of stairs will leave me unreasonably panting for breath.

Now for the realization.

I don’t need a lot of exercise. I just need a bit of household chores and walking and doing the next errands on foot (rather than bring the car), a healthy sense of laughing at myself and at life in general. If things don’t turn quite well at home or at work, take it easy and still strike a normal stride. You see, Friend, you are still lucky and God loves you. Our God never promised an easy life. But if it’s that easy, it would surely be boring!

Rather, do a lot of mild stretching, first thing when you wake up. If you don’t need to do something right away, take your time with the stretching. Your neck (don’t make it abrupt and sudden). Just enough to feel a bit of stretch. Sideways, always forward, and backward. Always gradual.

Then also stretch your waist, bend your knees, stretch your arms and thighs. Always gradual, not forced. You will feel good. Stretch your facial muscles too by doing various facial distortions. You will feel some relief afterwards.

Now for the massage.

If you can afford weekly spa treats, then do it. But if you are like most of us…scrimping on a budget, you can get the next best thing…if not… the best thing.

Self massage.

How many times have you gone to the spa and your favorite therapist is on sick leave? You really need a massage, so you settle for another therapist. Or even then. Your favorite therapist can sometimes disappoint you too, for whatever personal reason.

There is no reason you cannot enjoy your self massage. You know the vital points on your body, which when pressed, can give you utmost relief and relaxation. Even your favorite therapist sometimes miss out on these favorite spots and the pressure you appreciate. You are actually the best person to give yourself the massage you deserve.


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