Passing Down a Gift


It is so wonderful to pass down to my children the beauty and passion of the God-given gift of writing. It enables me to convey my thoughts, musings, joys, resentments, gratitude into words, beautiful words. These words communicate to the world so I could be understood better or that a certain issue I am passionate about could be understood better.

My elder progeny, my precious son, has a way with words too, but more on the verbal type, because he is an extrovert, a sociable creature, who uses his tongue for good measure and to make friends.

My younger offspring, a beautiful daughter, is not an introvert or an extrovert, but easily makes friends. She is more probable to be the writer of the two. She writes on my blog at times, but on topics she is acknowledgeable about. Like girlie stuff. The characters of girl-oriented shows, and what they wear. Fashion.

They will write more in depth in the future. Delving into the niches of topics, not just on the shallow side. I know it will happen. It is in their genes.


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