Tocino & Longaniza, please!

This proves foreigners do like Filipino food.

Huh? Wha? ‘The hell is is “long o’ nisa” and “toe seeno?” Well, first off it’s “Toe chino” and “Long a’ niza.” They are types of meat in a Filipino breakfast from a place in Chicago known as Uncle Mike’s! (1700 W. Grand Ave.) Before we start with the eatin, let me explain what Tocino and Longaniza are, and by that just click here: TOCINO.  LONGANIZA.

That was easy! Now we can get to the good stuff, Breakfast from Uncle Mike’s! I am not one of the eaters that does food challenges or eats bugs or crazy hot, spicy foods… but I will take a chance on something that looks or sounds like it might be delicious! And one morning out to breakfast with friends I discovered a charming little spot that offered a Filipino breakfast that sounded like I must eat! It was a sweet cured pork (Tocino) with…

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