Peace with your wife

I learned something today. Or rather, I just learned it again, because I have known it all these years, only I have not been consistent with my reaction.

This concerns my response to my wife every time we have a spat, no matter how trivial or major. Whether it concerns an annoying habit of mine which pesters her or a situation which she does not like.

The consistent reaction of the husband when you want peace: don’t hit back verbally or any way.

Let the issue pass. When the wife is angry, she is engulfed in flames. So, no matter what you say or do to make up, you cannot douse the fire with water. Even if the issue at hand, you think she is at fault, never blame her. It will not be worth it, if you want to keep your relationship strong.

The wife will chill and thaw. She will realize your goodness in such a way that she will never notice while in the throes of anger. In due time, she will make it up to you.

God Bless Everyone!!!


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