There is this story I just have to tell. It concerns about the mystery of the diamond. Its appeal to the female with regards to owning one, or several. Set on a ring or earrings or necklace or bracelet. It also even surprises the male, who is the usual gift giver, of the effect it has on his lady. Why it even makes her love him more.

There is this couple. The man, the thrifty one, always differentiating between needs and wants. The woman, knows how to spend what they earn, but not in any extravagant way. She just knows when to enjoy their money, without any abusive excesses. But this lady, like any typical girl, who would like to be swooned over, would also like romantic surprises.

This couple got invited to an auction for charity with a dinner to boot.

During the evening, many bids got done, and they have not proposed a bid on anything yet. The man, who we will call Joe, saw the chance to donate something. He got informed that there will be a raffle at the end of the affair. To get a ticket, he has to pay 30 dollars for the ticket and a glass of wine to get a chance to win a loose diamond worth 7500 dollars donated by a local jeweler.

Joe knew that they were only going to sell 300 tickets and he liked the odds of winning. After several minutes, he even got more delighted because he was updated that they only had sold less than 200 tickets of the 300 total. He knew that if he was going to purchase another ticket, he only had to add 20 dollars to get the additional ticket plus he gets another glass of wine for his spouse. Emboldened, he does this and waits for the raffle.

As Lady Luck would have it, Joe won the loose diamond.

Thus began their feud. The lady, who we will call Jane, wanted to set it into a ring and own it. Joe, for all his scroogeness, wanted to sell it. He could not sell it, for the claimed value of 7500 dollars. The most he could get it for was 5000.

There was a point wherein Joe gave up his claim and caved in to the desire of Jane to own the diamond, to save their relationship.

The auctioneer, who apparently heard about their feud, paid them a visit. He said, why not put up the jewel for auction and then 50 percent of the proceeds go to charity and 50 percent to them. After analyzing the pros and cons, the couple agreed on the auction.

Happily ever after. The jewel was bidded out for 5 figures. Got that? 5 figures. Charity benefits and the couple is also happy and they are still very much in love with each other!!!




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