Coffee shops & Large Cheeseburgers

Relaxation. Or satisfied stomach.
The first, relaxation, is the after effect for me when I spend a few hours in a nice cozy air conditioned coffee shop. Of course, it helps when the coffee is perfectly bitter with two sachets of sugar. Never one sachet, because I am a sucker for black but sweet coffee.

I patronize not one but several coffee shops. The ambiance is as important as the coffee. And also the ability of the patrons to keep their laughter and their conversation volume at a low bar.


And the cheeseburgers. Preferably grilled and large. With onions, tomatoes, lettuce and sesame seeds on the buns. Lots of mayonnaise and ketchup with refills of the mayo and the red sauce every two bites. The patty or double patties should be thick and should be overflowing at the sides of my mouth with every bite. The more drippy, the better.

That’s how I appreciate my coffee and cheeseburgers.

To life!!!!



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