An afternoon with the Little Miss

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My wife and teen-aged son have decided that for the summer, they will start going to gym and do something about the lethargy and the body toxins.
While waiting for them, my cute little companion is my one and only kid daughter. She will tag along with me for the duration of their workout.
It was actually my wife’s idea that we spend the time in Chowking and get our halo halo. Actually this is a cold refreshment with a scoop of ice cream on top and with milk below and bits of ground ice mixed with slices of banana, jackfruit, coconut, local jell-o, and others. Making it a very refreshing concoction.
My daughter and I had one halo halo each and we enjoyed the snacks immensely as the summer heat was searing hot.
It was bonding time too with the little miss. We had a few laughs. Walked together hand in hand. And I had to push her from her behind when we had to climb some stairs.
Then my lovely wife called, and our beautiful time together came to an end.

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