The Long Commute by Kirsten LeClerc

Audio books are great for traveling because if you read during a long commute, you will get dizzy and would want to vomit. Audio books, on the other hand, will be pleasant to your ears and to your amusement.

Nerdy Book Club

My first teaching job was a ten minute drive from my house.  I didn’t appreciate the convenience of a short commute at the time.  I didn’t realize that long commutes make people miserable until I took a job that required an hour (each way) in driving time. It was a job I loved, my first gig as a school librarian.  I was working at a K-8 school in the rural town of Alburgh in northern Vermont. The kids were wonderful and the staff was amazing, but the commute was Hell. There was one bright spot in the journey I would take each day to that small town on the Canadian border — audiobooks.


I didn’t discover the joy of audiobooks on my own.  I spent the first couple weeks of the school year flipping through radio stations as I drove, occasionally landing on a song I liked or an…

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