A food matter

To learn something new, not necessarily to be used, but to be fascinated with the new ideas. Because if we stop learning, we die a little.


We need food. To survive… We need food. And water and air… and then depending on each person, the needs split in different ways… but basically we need air, water and food in order to survive. Too much or too less of each of these will always create health issues, but we need them. It depends on us to find the right “dosage” fit to our body, to keep us healthy. Sometimes we eat because we know that it is time to do that, sometimes because we are ill and we need energy to fight with a disease, sometimes because it’s like an addiction and we can’t stop eating, but basically we eat when we feel that we are hungry. And one thing is for sure. We stop eating? In the end we die.

Mind and soul need also food. Another type of food, but they need it…

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