Aneurysm and heart attack

These are the things to watch for in the modern times: aneurysm and heart attack.

I recently lost 3 friends during the past year to aneurysm. They are in the age range of late 40s to early 50s. In this era, that is a young age to die. They have common denominators for dying: lack of rest and stubbornness to take maintenance medicine continuously.

The first one was an asthmatic and diabetic. He regularly spurns his meds and after graveyard shift work, he would either go on a drinking binge or play tennis ( without the privilege of sleep). Surefire formula for early demise.

The second one had hypertension. Goes against the wishes of his wife to take medication to lower his blood pressure. He is not selective about food and is actually biased towards high cholesterol chow. Lives a day with 3 hours sleep to be able to indulge in his favorite money game. Farewell my friend.

The third one works nights for his business. Has heart problems but likes drinking alcohol so much for relaxation and sleep is not a priority for him. Adios Amigo.

Aneurysm and heart attack. These can be both avoided. Obviously, a healthy lifestyle and plentiful sleep and regular taking of medicine (if needed) will do the trick of extending one’s lifespan.

To see your children all grown up and enjoy your grandchildren.

Only if you also do your part.


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