Through the Lens: My Philippines


Years back, I was at a Philippines-Korea Design Sharing Forum at the Manila Hotel. There was a speaker who was an expert at country branding and he was one of the proponents of branding Korea to the world. One of the key bits that I vividly remember during his talk was when he presented the images that come up in Google when you search “Philippines”, it was mostly about mountains of garbage, dirty Metro Manila, pollution, depiction of poverty, traffic etc. There were very few images of the beautiful treasures of the Philippines. Then the speaker said as citizens of this country we can do our share in upgrading the Philippines brand and that we can begin by taking pictures of what is beautiful in our country and sharing it to the world.

That forum was so timely that it seemed like all of a sudden, anywhere and everywhere around the country, Filipinos, young and old were brandishing cameras, point-and-shoot…

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