For dessert will have salted caramel ice cream at 7/11 for 15 pesos.
There is something sticky and wet always in my bumbum. Tissue paper is an overhead cost for me.
Charging my phone. Bought meds and wanted to buy lotto but outlet closed. Back in my bunk now. The sunglasses our son gave is really a great help for me here.
I think your BROWNIES will GO PLACES!!!
Missssss yoooo soooo muccchhhh toooo…
My Son, the sunglasses helps me a lot here when I walk in the heat of the sun. I LOVE YOU.
Our daughter really looks like you.
The only disadvantage of living in a house like this is it takes you about six hours just to get from the bedroom to the garden. We walk through the Long Gallery (lots of ancient portraits) and the East Hall (lots of ancient suits of armour) and cut across the massive Great Hall. There we pause, and breathe in the musty, woody aroma.
(From a book by Sophie Kinsella)
All is well.


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