The beauty of Mondays


Most people do not like Mondays. Especially those whose rest days are Saturdays and Sundays.

Mondays signal the start of being productive again. To earn money. To create something. To change something for the better.

Seemingly, for most, Saturdays and Sundays are for recharging. In the Muslim world, I think the rest day is Friday. In the Adventist circles, their Sabbath is Saturday.

The pleasure of doing nothing. Many people should learn this habit during their rest days. No conversation about work. Nothing about work. Not even association with people from work or bringing home work from work.

Going back to Mondays, gratefulness should be in one’s heart that he has work or a business to go to. Because earning money is a blessing. Making the world a better place or fulfilling a need while earning money makes living on earth worthwhile. Everything is connected. Everyone and everything is connected to a cycle which is connected to another cycle to complete a grand design of the Creator.

Be thankful for Mondays. Never despise it or the work it initiates. Be the best you can be in whatever your expertise is. Never shortchange anyone. But do not also charge short of what you deserve. Do not be exploited but also, do not exploit anyone.


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