Snowstorm there, heatwave here


Reports coming in of a year’s worth of snow falling in just 2 days in continental USA is terrifying. Inasmuch as cold weather is great for human productivity, too much cold can render a person unproductive too. The tendons and the ligaments of the frail human body can just only take as much.

Reversely, in the tropical countries, it is nearing Christmas, and it is supposed to be a cool season. 5:30 pm it is already dark, but what is really surprising is the intense humid heat which we have been experiencing the past few weeks. It is like summer all over again. And people are also unproductive because of the hot weather too.

Snowstorm there. Humid weather here. In both, people will die, either of the frigidity or the hotness. Extremes do not bode well for people.


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