Waiting for Inspiration to start Writing

If I have to wait, it will be for ages. My pen will dry up, as well as my mind – as the daily humdrum of life catches up with me. Nothing worthwhile to write about, my heart would say, but my head, the rebel that it is, won’t give in.

The head would say, just START writing , and the juices will flow. If you are wordy by lineage and urgings, the letters and the phrases will just pass by and hit you with quotable quotes.

Find a nice corner. Make sure the ventilation does not annihilate your armpits. And the story of your life will be shoved out of your deepest bowels.

Find what works for you. If people who pass by gives you the LIGHT BULB you need, find a cozy spot with a lot of foot traffic. If you need blank walls, your room is best or any space with stationary life.

Give your writing your best shot. And it will return the ball with lots of grease on it – grease that have stories.




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