Monster high is love!❤️


Monster high is not like Barbie the difference beetween monster high and Barbie monster high is all about monsters and Barbie is all about makeup,clothes,high heels ,hairdo,and other things for girls!. The name of the characters of monster high are Frankie Stein,Draculara,Cleo,Ghoulia,Clawdeen Wolf,Deuce,Lagoona,Clawd Wolf,And Abby and Heath those are the characters of monster high the color of Frankie Steins
eyes are green and blue and the color of her skin is green.Draculara has a tatoo it’s a heart and Cleo is stylish and her sister Nefera is so jealous about her and Ghoulia studies her lessons that’s why she is the smartest girl in class and Abby has snow all over and Heath has fire if he eats hot/spicy his head is filled with fire.And Jackson is a half normie.Normie is a human being when Jackson listens to music he turns to Holt.Holt is a monster.


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