The Best of Internet Radio

I am a music buff, of the listening kind, and to a certain extent of the “singing while doing something” specie.

The old system wherein you can play music when you turn on your radio stations is still very much available. As well as playing your old CDs (on your music player) and your stored music files from your computer or your smartphone or MP3 player. But the level of control of the music buff (in terms of what kind of the specific music he wants to listen to for the moment)is very limited.

The present generation and even the mature ones who have relied on vinyls are very lucky to have INTERNET RADIO at their disposal TODAY.

With internet radio, the music buff has a certain level of control because he has tens of thousands of radio stations (not only from his local territory) from all over the globe to choose from 24/7. And the music buffet he has at his disposal is endless. Pop. Classical. Jazz. Chillout. Dance. Even subgenres like music from the 50s, new wave, dubstep, deephouse. In one’s lifetime, I can guarantee that he cannot listen to all the fantastic music untl he takes his last breath.

Here are recommended internet radio websites which also have smartphone apps on the side:
1. Live 365. One of the pioneers of the internet radio movement. Radio stations are created and run by the subscribers themselves. They only use Live 365 as a base or as a marketing tool to operate as radio stations. They are either free stations (with ads) or as premium stations (with monthly fee but without ads). The stations run the gamut of the whole music spectrum.

2. DI.FM. Because the audience for internet radio is getting to be more mature and knowledgeable, it is inevitable that music niches will be created. DI is one such creation wherein there are some audiophiles who are not simply content with dance music as a general genre, and are passionate about electronic music. You will be surprised to know that within electronic music alone there are as much as 50 sub-niches of this genre. Different beats. A variety of electronic creativity.
DI.FM can be downloaded as an app on both IOS and android systems or can be accessed as a website.



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