Have you ever seen people who go about their daily lives as if they have a weight on their back? When they drive their car, when another vehicle carelessly cuts in front of them, they shout invectives at the offending motorists which could trigger a brawl or a gun shooting showdown if cooler heads do not intervene. In the office, at the slightest deviation of operations procedure, the supervisor snaps at his subordinate and say without thinking, “You don’t know anything!” A mother slaps the behind of her little tot when she quarrels with her playmate at the park playground.

Think again. When you are angry about something or someone, do you let ANGER take control over you? It would mean you felt upset because the turn of events did not shape up to your liking or a person did something which angered you or shattered your ego. The issue here is, you would have liked to take control of events or you would have liked that the character of another is molded to your liking. And then, you get worried about what will happen next.

This means, you have not trusted your fears and worries to God. The beautiful thing about our faith is you simply have to lay down your yoke and God will ease your burdens. Once you put this belief in your heart, anger will be a thing of the past. You will simmer down and be calmer. You will treat your fellowmen with respect and compassion, and they will love you back. You will not be afraid of the future.

And when you make your decisions, make sure they are not fueled by your emotions. Every decision you make should be done based on your commitment.



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