Managers and Supervisors are only human

I am perplexed with my fellow supervisors and managers who never call in sick. Is it because they are seeking for promotion to a higher post? Do they never have emergencies in their families which require their presence away from work? I suspect there are instances of them selecting their work over the immediate needs of their family and their own self. Their spouse or their child might be sick, but they would rather work and seek the assistance of a relative or another third party person to take care of the sick and ailing member of their family. There might be insulting and hate words exchanged, but the fellow supervisor and manager choose to work rather than call in for sick leave.

I am only human. I love my family over my work. Yes, I need to work to be able to sustain the needs of my family. But I should strike a balance. A balance that is geared more towards my family. Long after, my work and my colleagues will forget me. But my family will forever long for my presence and my devotion.



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