No Employees

It has been more than a year since we had regular servants in the house. No cook. No laundry person. No gardener. So far so good. Who knows how many fine china got caught up in their knapsacks when they went home. After several years and you kind of missed a shirt to wear, you can’t find it in your closet anymore. The toys of the children. I have lost count. For sure some of them found their way in some small town. At least they made some children happy.

when we want to cook our food and we have the inspiration to do it, we accomplish it. When we have the energy tthose the laundry, we so it<p>If I had more money, I would buy a bigger car for my family. Our sedan can’t hardly fit the four of us. The teener and the grader fighting over space at the back.</p><p> </p><p>If I had more money, I would buy my family a new house in the nearby village with a few houses. Our present neighborhood has so much intentional burning of leaves. A dysfunctional car has been parked on our curb for nearly a year. The neighbors’ dogs prey on our garbage. Simply unhappy here.</p><p> </p><p>If I have more money, I will have leisure travel with my family. For one, i will bring my 7 year old to Hongkong Disneyland, my 17 year old to Japan, my spouse, to Italy.</p><p> </p>obatch eschews.


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