What if the day turned out this way in this tropical country.

If the day starts out still the same. The perky early morning dew freshness, where you can still see the mist outside on the leaves of the plants. Droplets of water on the leaves. Just looking at this scene is so comforting.

The morning air is so calmingly cold. Comforting cold, with your favorite cozy sweater on.

And you take out your sleepiness on a hot cup of stirringly hot coffee. You stretch and flex your unoiled body hinges and joints and breathe in the pleasant smell of coffee and the pungy smell of the air. You take it all in until the heat of the sun comes in and becomes searingly hot as the morning progresses.

But we can wish, do we?

Fast forward and omit the bad parts. Omit the part when the sun begins to come in around 8 or 9 am. And then you realize, everyone must work and start the day. Stark reality. Earn your keep. Omit this part.

Fast forward to late afternoon when the weather is cool and the sun is almost down.

Late afternoon. When you lay down the white linen on the outdoor garden table. Then, prepare your big pitcher of iced tea. Or if you like, bring down your fine china and brew your best black coffee.

And then you bring out your bagels and your donuts to go with your iced tea and coffee.

And then fast forward to the time when the sun goes down and it is pleasantly dark. Time for a candlelit dinner under the stars.

Bring out the wine and the beer. The medium rare steak, the tuna sashimi, and the spicy chips.

Omit the bad parts. I wish.






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