Parents and Guardians Who Care

It is a way of life. As a family, when we want to travel, we coincide it with the kids’ special events like sports, dances, shows, recitals. Then we treat it as a vacation if it takes a couple of days.
It is a very nice way to bond, because nobody has to work. It is either mostly sleep while in the hotel, or sightseeing thru the new place. Or lunch out or dinner in a nice place in the unfamiliar town.
It is almost always a time to catch up on lost sleep that was lost when we were home because of so many concerns. Or because there is not much incentive to go out because there is not really much to do in that place.
Or, we could have simply stayed at home and let the kids do their thing in the strange place. BUT WE AS PARENTS, CHOOSE TO TAG ALONG AND SHOW OUR SUPPORT.


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