Because of the spate of recent early deaths: late 40s, middle 40s, early 40s…lives which were unexpectedly terminated by causes, which could have been prevented.

There are things that stand out from these events: Lack of sleep, stress from everyday life, improper diet during an athletic activity, years of non-consultation with physicians, smoking.

Almost always, there is lack of sleep as a factor. The biker who cycled with his friends right after his night shift. A few blinks of sleep to put in a few more hours on the job. The tennis aficionado who played his game after accomplishing his graveyard shift.

Athletic activities are blood-circulating boosters to lives of working persons. But they could be hazardous when done without the proper hours (preferably 6 to 8 hours) of sleep.

It could be deadly when the person lacks sleep and at the middle part of his biking route, eats a hearty beef stew with his friends. No wonder, a heart attack was on the way.

Or the go-getter at his job, dreaming about a better salary for his family, putting in more hours than usual. A stubborn smoker – he had been warned beforehand that blood was not circulating properly thru his veins because of his smoking.

And there was this tennis player, who despite having diabetes and asthma, had for years not been consulting his doctors. And had this tendency to play tennis after finishing his graveyard shift. Without sleep.

An ideal scenario. No sport. No work if the dad, usually a breadwinner, did not put in his 6 to 8 hours worth of sleep. Then he watches what he eats. The right mix of vegetables, fish and meat (more of the first 2 as he gets older). No smoking whatsoever. Very minimal liquor. Regular consultation with doctors.

They could have reached the mandatory retirement age. And beyond.




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