The late 1970s and much of the 1980s was the age of SONY, a legendary Japanese company. Just about anything it churned out…be it colored television (Trinitron), game consoles (Playstation series and PSP), music players (the Walkman and the Discman), and video players (Betamax)…..were gobbled up by consumers who respected so much SONY engineering and creativity.
A couple of years later, around the late 1980s up to the better part of the 1990s, it was the turn of NOKIA. This Scandinavian cell phone maker started out slow when Motorola was still tops in this field. But when NOKIA got its groove going, it just spiraled to the top. It produced numerous cell phone models that were so user-friendly that other cell phone makers, in the end copied these details, but in a raw manner, and they failed. It was the golden age of NOKIA.
Then Steve Jobs, in the early 1990s, in a perfectionist mode, and understanding fully well what the consumer wants in electronics and computers, dominated the field. He did this through his upstart company, APPLE, which we know now, is no upstart, but very much a leader in the computing and electronic gadgetry industry. We might have lived in Mars for so long if we have not heard about the Macintosh (Mac for short), the Ipod, the Ipad, among other products that have revolutionized the way we use computers and even the way we read our books. By the way, this is an American product, but mostly now, APPLE products are manufactured in China.
Steve Jobs died, but this is not the reason for the rise of a Korean electronic company since the late 1990s up to the present. For years, APPLE has been king, but SAMSUNG has been chipping away some of the fortunes of APPLE by producing top of the line electronic gadgetry. For now, it is undisputedly tops in sales for colored television in the most updated flat LED/LCD/plasma TV sectors. Thus, it dislodges SONY from the top spot for television which has been held by SONY for decades. It has been giving APPLE headaches with its Galaxy tablets which are real competition for the pioneering Ipad of APPLE. SAMSUNG’s cell phones are also designed and marketed so well that we can now consider SAMSUNG as the overall leader in the cell phone segment, dethroning NOKIA.
SONY, then NOKIA, APPLE comes in next, but then SAMSUNG does not want to bite the dust of the Japanese, the Scandinavians and the Americans. They want their own kimchi.
Who will be next?


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