So refreshing, so much a nice idea. While most people are engrossed with unhealthy food, juices have been completely forgotten. Announcing the renaissance of the JUICE!

Create... Whole... Health....

1. Don’t be afraid to try something new

2. Keep it SIMPLE, don’t over-think the process

3. It’s OK if you mess up, you can try again!

4. If you have a blender and veggies, you can do this

I admit I am somewhat intimidated by “juicing” and “juicers” and “juice diets”….Not the juice itself but the whole process of juicing. The juicers are so advanced and completely out of my budget. The list of ingredients can be confusing when you hear about grasses, herbs, liquids, add-ins, etc.  There is SO much information out there about juicing and health that it can be overwhelming. I was talking to a classmate about this and she said she uses her kitchen blender and simple greens, carrots and other readily available fruits and vegetables. It sounded so easy and accessible. She suggested coconut water as the liquid and I already LOVE coconut water…

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