I read somewhere that in writing a novel, what makes it interesting are not the perfect qualities of the characters or their perfect lives but rather their IMPERFECTIONS and IMPERFECT SITUATIONS where they are placed into by the author.

If you are a Christian, as i am, and you are are attempting to LIVE your faith, one of the challenges facing us is standing up or even better loving our loved ones (family, friends) inspite of their imperfections. Even a greater challenge is loving complete strangers, and even a worst challenge that can make us bite our tongue, is loving our enemies. 

We ourselves are imperfect,and there is no reason why we should forgive the little imperfections or errors which our loves have and do. We can easily forgive them because they are in our heart and we truly, deeply love them. 

When dealing with complete strangers or so called enemies. Jesus Christ calls for us to forgive and move on. See the good side of these people and even initiate ourselves the process of reconciliation when it comes to enemies. 

Adam and Eve were the beginning sources of mankind, but they were an imperfect pair. David had many sins but he became the greatest king Israel ever had and was one of Jesus’ greatest ancestors. 

Rom 5:8, (NASB), But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. 


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