Honor can be shown in some of the simplest, smallest ways. On a ministry trip many years ago, my wife Kelly and I were waiting for a connecting flight in the Nashville Airport. A young man barely in his 20s with long blonde hair came running up to me and said, “Are you Tim Sheppard?” I told him I was. He said he was a songwriter from Kentucky and wanted to be a contemporary Christian singer/songwriter like me. He said he had learned to write songs by listening to my, and one other artist’s, albums.

In the moment, I could have acted distracted or indifferent. I was reminded, though, of all those years I had longed to have the opportunities I was finally being given. So, I showed genuine interest in him and tried to encourage him in the Lord.

He thanked me and then said, “I’ve come here to Nashville to record my first album. Now you remember my name, because you are going to hear about me someday. I’m Steven Curtis Chapman.”

Steven and I have had a few good laughs over the years about that first meeting. Kelly and I have often talked about how that brief encounter and the simple act of exchanging honor paved the way for a future relationship. Without honor, those few moments would have shaped a much different future.


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