There is something mystical about believing in God. I mean, really believe in Him…really being very sure that he exists and that He is all powerful, and we should be dependent on Him. That our physical strength, mental capacities and emotional threshold are all blessings from Him…that everything…whether can be touched or cannot be touched…all are sourced from Him. 

The power of a beautiful sermon from a beloved pastor – not just for the purpose of asking for tithes – but for really saving souls for Christ. A sincere effort from the preacher to really reach out to brethren and accept God as their personal Savior. The pastor’s way with words should not be misconstrued as theological training from Bible School but something straight from his heart – a really sincere and deep love for people.

Some people who are searching for truth, fall short, because they have this lingering doubt within that people are reaching out to them not to hook their hearts but their pockets. That is why people in church, especially the elders in ministry, should be careful with the way they construct their words in getting to know walk-in church goers. For sure, these new faces are curious, or are on a threshold of a personal crises. That is why, they are exploring, investigation, going around – to look for the TRUTH. 

SINCERITY. This is of the essence. Leaders of a church. Know your heart. What are your goals? Are all your activities in building up your church membership leading to giving people a sanctuary to worship the Lord and a base to get to know Him better. Tithing is at the bottom of the list of your priorities. People will give once they trust you and they can feel the love and the dedication of the church members towards Christ.


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