Jesus completes all kinds of happiness

To live in this life is fascinating. Experience and daily events gives you the boost to go on living. My family is constant. It is really one driving force which keeps me going. The family members are actually my reasons for living.

For life is really empty. Without my family, i have nothing to live for. Every day life, even if it is colorful for a certain period of time, suddenly becomes routine. Because different facets, different events, constantly duplicate themselves over time. 

But then, family is different. It closes the emptiness. The happiness is real. 

Jesus is also real. Family gives me happiness but Jesus completes this happiness and makes it into real happiness. 

Jesus gives me sustenance. There is a certain peace when i call out to Jesus; to God the Father; to the Holy Spirit. A peace which seems to come from the bottomest pits and rapidly rises to the heavens and fills my spirit!


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