When sweeping the floor to clear the dirt and the dust, be sure to sweep a space which is usually disregarded especially when the floor sweeper is in a hurry or just simply following bad habits when sweeping an area (incomplete sweeping, that is). 

Do you know this area or are you also guilty of this….the undersides of the bed or a table or a couch. Never disregard this area because once left unnoticed, dust and dirt could accumulate for days, weeks, months and even years. Specks of dust becomes clumps of dust and eventually, mountains of dust!

If the house inhabitants have lung problems like asthma, woe to them! Their asthma will worsen and they will be surprised, that even though they do not see any dust (from the surface), they are still hard of breathing.

Asthma patients usually avoid rugs, carpets and even furry animals because these all absorb a lot of dust unnoticed. But then, add uncleaned undersides to the list of things to avoid for lung disease sufferers!


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