Is the weather key to productivity?

One best proof is when i try to write. When the weather is so humid and i do not have a nice table to place my netbook on. And i have to write with my netbook on my lap or on some unsteady surface, productivity on my writing output is lousy.

But the worst is when the weather is hot. I simply cannot think straight and clear. Or i tend to write about negative things which i avoid. If i have to write, it has to be something positive. That it should be something that will contribute to the reader’s well being, that he will be encouraged to be productive and to go on living life passionately and do the things he loves.

My best scenario is when i am sitted in a nice coffee shop with very cold airconditioning. In my place, tops is the local Starbucks with very cold airconditioning, nice sturdy tables, excellent and clean ambiance and very courteous staff. One thing not going for it is its expensive coffee and desserts. But then it is a franchise. The owners need to pay their royalties. They have good wifi too.

Then there are the local coffeeshops. Cafe Bob’s, Calea, Felicia’s, Kuppa to name some. They have very good interiors, nice wifi, pleasant enough staff. One thing going for them is affordable coffee and deserts. In Starbucks. their regular brewed coffee is worth about 3 US dollars apiece. In the local coffeeshops, half the price,approximately 1.50 US dollars apiece. And the cakes in the local coffeeshops are good, and much cheaper.

Talking about the coffeeshops, they are the best when it comes to writing. I can really key in my thoughts when i am in these nice places. And as i said the weather conditions: the airconditioning makes writing so sweet and passionate!


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