Take a Bath and Get Dressed!

It has a psychological effect that by the time you wake up, first thing you do is to take a bath, then dress or shirt up even if you are just staying in the house. In this way, you will be prepared for anything during the day. And believe this, you will be more productive. Not taking a bath for several hours after you wake up has an effect of making you lazy. Or it makes you want to delay many things that you must do that are important. And have you not noticed that it gives you literally a headache? Having a bath has a very good cooling effect on your head. Your well-being is enhanced and being fully-clothed after your bath boosts your ego especially when you see in the mirror how well-dressed are you.
Have you noticed that if you still did not take a bath until late in the afternoon, the headache that stayed with you will linger? And then comes the feeling of regret late in the day because you had wished to do some things but were not able to do them because you felt so lazy.
Regrets. Regrets. Take a bath now!


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