We are busy with our respective lives. We might have a job or a business. We might own our own house or renting a a pad. We might have children running around the house or our house is an empty nest (all kids have grown up and left). We might enjoy a vacation elsewhere occasionally. We might have health insurance.

Yet we find loopholes or create uncalled for problems. Or we desire for things or dreams that we don’t have. We might be living in the same house for five years but never once have we hung out at the backyard garden or enjoyed the shade of the nice tree near the front porch.

Then the worst happens. We lose control of credit card spending. The boss informs us that the company is going to merge with a larger corporation and suddenly job security is a thing of the past. A blood test at the local lab shows that an illness with a foreign sounding name is eating parts of your body. The sales of your business suddenly plummets by 50 percent.

You stare into empty space and sit down and take stock of things: You were happier then, you realize, but during those times, you did not realize your happiness. You were always looking out of your mental window for desires that are still not yours (and at present, still not yours).

You had a nice job, albeit boring, which requires you to report everyday except weekends and socialize with the same people, day in and day out. Your mind was not idle, and you were vigilant with property which the company entrusted to you for safekeeping.

You want to buy something – you buy it only when you have money. The credit card is only used very sparingly. You had a very healthy lifestyle wherein you did not sleep late or abused your body because you know you had to report to work early the next day. The foreign-sounding illness was unheard of.

You did not know it: PARADISE ON EARTH was yours! Everything was smooth sailing…only boring… but it does not matter as long as your family gets 3 healthy meals a day and lives in a comfortable house with lots of fluffy pillows.

Look around. Breathe. Taste the goodness of your food. Feel the softness of your nice bed. Appreciate your annual lab test which predetermines any future health problem which you might have.

Enjoy your PARADISE ON EARTH! Simple life.Simple joys.


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