Things to do in 2011

Well i want to lose weight. About 50 pounds. Is it doable? I hope it is. I should really push myself to run or walk because I love to move around.

I should push myself from the laptop monitor when the weather is cool enough to walk.

But the problem is I also love to eat. Maybe I should have smaller portions of anything on my plate. Just a taste of everything.

Get part time work online. Particularly something which makes me type on the keyboard more. I do not know why but typing is therapeutic for me. Also something which enables me to write. Or maybe, just data entry. And to earn a few bucks more, of course. But my attitude now is not to be picky about online jobs and to stick to one online employer. I am busy enough with my full-time job.

To travel. To see places in reality. Not only in pictures.

Not to have after day off blues. I should be enthusiastic about going back to work after a rest day because a lot of things depend so much on my job.

To completely read books which I have started reading. I have this lazy sickness of not completing the books I have read a few chapters. But it always gives me a bad feeling of not being whole. Finishing a book makes me happy, a feeling of accomplishment.

Try to start and finish a cookbook recipe. This is something I really want to accomplish because I am a foodie in the first place. I want to go thru the aches of putting together ingredients into a tasty whole.


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